Course curriculum

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    Let's Get Started...

    • How To Navigate This Learning Platform

    • Before we begin...

    • Pre-course quiz

  • 2

    Beyond The Basics

    • Welcome to Beyond The Basics

    • Transmission & Prevention of Infectious Diseases

    • IC Program Recordkeeping

    • Respiratory/Cough Etiquette

  • 3

    Laws & Guidelines

    • Laws & Guidelines for Dental Healthcare Settings

    • Dental Healthcare Personal Safety

    • Sharps Safety & Needlestick Act

  • 4

    Hand Hygiene & PPE

    • Hand Hygiene

    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • How-To Don PPE

    • How-To Doff PPE

  • 5

    Sterilization Protocols

    • Sterilization

    • How-To Work With Enzymatic Cleaners

    • How-To Use The Ultrasonic Bath

    • How-To Test The Ultrasonic Bath

    • How-To Use The Cold Sterile

    • How-To Use Sterilization Pouches

    • How-To Conduct Spore Tests

    • How-To Perform Autoclave Maintenance

  • 6

    Environmental Infection Prevention

    • Environmental Infection Prevention

    • How-To Appraise Your Operatory

    • How-To Read the Disinfectant Label

    • How-To Reprocess Your Operatory

    • Suction Lines vs Dental Unit Waterlines

    • Hazard Communication Standard

  • 7

    Dental Unit Waterlines (DUWL)

    • Dental Unit Waterlines (DUWLs)

    • How-To Shock DUWL

    • How-To Test DUWL

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    Congratulations, You Did It!

    • Copy of Pre-course quiz

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Course Objectives

This course conveniently takes your ICC beyond the basics. Training with us allows you to get back to taking care of your patients with the peace of mind that your practice is compliant.

  • An in-depth training that will equip you with a system to implement a comprehensive infection control program

  • This system is created to function regardless of staff turnover

  • Save time & money...ALWAYS STAY COMPLIANT!


Certified Infection Control Educators

Certified Infection Control Educators

India Chance RDH Michelle Strange RDH

Our mission is to create infection prevention champions by elevating the role of the infection control coordinator. We recognize that providing resources to this role allows individuals to become leaders and contributing members to the dental practice making safer dental visits. Our vision is to have an infection control coordinator in every dental practice with safety as the foundation of all patient care.